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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 25, 2017 3:00am-5:59am PDT

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make you idiot of the century. snapping this picture of four people swimming in a crocodile trap right next to the bait. what were you thinking, people. rob: we hope they survived. not a good move. "fox & friends" starts right now. we'll see you later. >> fox news has confirmed hillary clinton's campaign, the dnc, they paid for the research that became the fake news anti-trump retiring sb corker and jeff flake unleashed a war of words on our commander-in-chief on their way out the door. >> reckless, outrageous, and undignified behavior. >> his obvious his political model and governing model is to divide. >> i never heard these guys talk about barack obama like this when he was taking this country down the tubes. >> source we spoke to has been interviewed extensively by the investors. podesta group is in his crosshairs. >> may have been victims of
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betrayal. local villager likely tipped off terrorists about the patrol before the attack. >> high fly ball into left, off the bat is turn err at the wall. it's gone. dodgers win game one. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ here i go again on my own ♪ going down the only road i've ever known. steve: welcome to the mezzanine level of "fox & friends." ainsley: why do we choose this song here we go again? brian: the president goes to capitol hill. is he going to talk taxes. and then a little thing happened in between. boom. steve: just like that.
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ainsley: a lot to talk about this morning. steve: remember, we told you months when we talked about the dirty dossier. the dossier that had a whole bunch of stuff in it that, you know, people looked at it could that possibly be true about donald trump? now we know -- we don't know if the stuff in the dossier is true, although reporters have been trying to verify some of it for months, but we do now know who funded the dossier. that dossier was actually funded by hillary clinton and the dnc. how crazy is that? brian: this guy mark allies is representing the clinton campaign. he combined with the dnc to write a pretty big check. all in all the clinton campaign paid the g.p.s. fusion g.p.s., which is represented by perkins kohl, $5.6 million in legal fees. and the dnc paid $3.6 million. that to the g.p.s. hired this guy named christopher steele to go dig some stuff up. meantime as i think most
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disturbing mark allies lied the whole time. he said he didn't do it. he did it. ainsley: they funded this fusion g.p.s. all the way until the election just a few days before the election they stopped paying them. brian: then the fbi was going to continue paying then when christopher steele's name leaked out they said we are not going to do it. think about this. president trump wins the election. the fbi goes i'm going to keep writing checks to this opposition research firm. steve: here's the thing as we know from the book shattered. we know on the night of her election loss, hillary clinton and john podesta and company, they decided, you know what? let's blame russia. now, we know that they were actually funding the russian dossier. ainsley: that's what the story is this morning. many of you have might say who cares what hillary clinton did. she is over and done with she is gone. i hear a lot of democrats saying that what's important here is that she is going after the president for this collusion and has been forever. turns out she is the one that colluded, according to
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this source. brian: right. and "the washington post" runs with this story. not normally anti-clinton but a couple of things. so if you look into the russian probe and what was going on there, it's essentially was teed up by the clinton campaign. but, they did take it over from a republican -- from a republican source, maybe related to one candidate in particular. so, they didn't start with christopher steele and g.p.s. they picked up. steve: yeah. we had on our air a couple of days a looked like it all started with a fundraiser for jeb bush. well eventually jeb bush dropped out and they still had all this stuff. what do they do? next thing you know they sell it to the dnc. what's interesting though it does sound -- it wouldn't be shocking if the campaign -- her campaign then gave this to the fbi. and others. and how crazy would this be if this dossier, which was paid for by hillary clinton campaign and the dnc, if this was the rationale
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behind unmasking all those names. remember, they started in the final days of the obama administration. ainsley: that opens up a whole another can of worms. steve: all based on this paid for by hillary clinton. unbelievable. brian: folks involved in the funding lied about it and sanctimony for a year "new york times" claims they were working on it kept getting denials from the elias and the clinton campaign. turns out it's true. brifn fallon the spokesperson says if i knew about this i would have used all of this willingly. he didn't know about it he is just a spokes person. ainsley: house overnight committee launching two new probes on her. another fox news alert. new calls on congress for special counsel to look into the controversial uranium one deal and its ties to the clinton foundation donations. brian: look laughing. explosive reports of russian bribery before the deal was approved. steve: oh, man, this is another story about russia and griff jenkins joins us now from our nation's
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capital with the latest. >> that's right. two house committee launching probes into that controversial era uranium deal that gave russia control over 20% of uranium's reserves and possible ties to then secretary hillary clinton at the center of it whether an ongoing department of justice investigation at the time in 2010 uncovered information that would have prevented the deal, possibly violating national security. house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes says there are a lot of questions. >> one of the things as you know that we're concerned about is whether or not there was an fbi investigation. was there a doj investigation? and, if so, why was congress not informed of this matter? >> and this came to light last week, of course, when an fbi confidential informant attempted to come forward publicly through his lawyer but predicted from doing so by a gag order, that nondisclosure agreement with the department of justice, senate judiciary committee chairman who has
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called for the informant's testimony says he hopes that it will be forthcoming. here's what grassley had to say. >> if it gets worked out so he can testify without any problems for him, we will take him up on that whenever that can be worked out. because he is very key. >> secretary clinton was on a book tour this week and she dismissed any notion of it. >> i would say it's the same bologna they have been peddling for years. and there has been no credible evidence by anyone. in fact, it's been debunked repeatedly and will continue to be debunked. >> here is the key, guys. pay attention to whether or not the release of that informant's nondisclosure gets done this week and what he has to say, which is key to all of this investigation. steve: absolutely. all right. griff, thank you very much. and, of course, the undercover informant initially just wanted the money back because he was working for the fbi but the fbi had him pay out of his
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own pocket all that dough and then he said hey, i would like my money back since i was helping the government they said no, not going to give it to you. ainsley: that wasn't smart. brian: it happened on capitol hill yesterday. i have to admit it caught me by surprise. senator bob corker has a problem with the president. he was contender for president and vice president. i don't know if you heard about the president. he goes back at you personally. and this back and forth was baited by senator corker who is going -- who is leaving the senate in a year. and was picked up a little bit later by senator flake who d so much, i am not going to be running -- this will be my final year and i know exactly who to blame. president trump and his tone. ainsley: both of them were criticizing the president. these were two republicans, keep in mind. criticizing the president who is obviously a republican. listen to some of the collision from yesterday. >> to be clear, the anger and resentment that the people feel at the royal mess that we have created are justified. but anger and resentment are
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not a governing philosophy. >> i think there were many people -- i was one of those -- that hoped that, you know, he would rise to the occasion as president and aspire to lead our nation instead of dividing it and, you know, it's obvious his political model and governing model is to divide. >> politics can make us silent when we should speak and silence can equal complicity. mr. president, i will not be complicit or silent. >> do you think the president is -- the nation? >> i don't think there is any question but that's the case just in the way that he deductconducts himself and goeso such a low level just, i do. steve: ultimately, keep in mind, jeff flake, one of the primary never trumpers in the u.s. senate. so, this is a big win for the president of the united states. this is exactly what steve bannon wanted as well. he wanted him gone.
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now that open seat plan is for it to go to republican kelli ward. brian: it looks like it. someone might challenge kelli ward who was impressive last night with martha. steve: kelli ward does have the support of the united states. he has come out and supported her. flake is angry that the republican party has changed. ultimately, if you're quarterback and you are on a team and donald trump is the quarterback and you don't like the quarterback, get off the team. so that's what he's doing. brian: that analogy is correct. i would add something to it. but before getting off the team, go into the locker room and eviscerate the quarterback. i thought that yesterday. steve: he did that with his book a couple of months ago. ainsley: you might wonder why he is doing. this sarah huckabee sanders said he doesn't have the support in arizona according to polls. his approval rating in arizona jeff flake was 18% in arizona u the public policy polling said 62% of arizona voters disprove of him. he doesn't have enough votes.
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the president tweeted about that. you don't have enough votes to actually win. steve: he actually, in a primary, keep in mind he is a sitting u.s. senator. he was trailing by 26 points as of the last poll. so he was not going to win re-election. brian: but it gives chuck schumer and company and all the enemies of the president and there are many, fuel to the fire. he went out and overwhelmed the president's message of tax reform yesterday and so far that i could see the president has not tweeted about jeff flake. steve: ultimately, perhaps, in arizona they will select somebody who would be on the same team as the president to move his policy stuff forward and that would be helpful to the people who work at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. brian: jillian is on our time, right? steve: she absolutely is. she was waiting for the happenedofhandoff. jillian: u.s. military believes someone may have betrayed four soldiers in
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niger giving up location to terrorists. they stopped in a village for food and water after conducting an overnight reconnaissance mission. right after they left, they were ambushed. we are also learning the troops may have been on mission hunting a senior al qaeda member. disgraced army sergeant bo bergdahl will finally face a military judge today as his sentencing hearing begins. vets wounded in the search for him are expected to testify. master sergeant mark allen was shot in the head. corporal jonathan was hit by rbg and navy seal jimmy hatch wounded by fire after bergdahl walked away from his post inrgdahl's sentencing s been held up because his lawyer wanted the tossed over comments of president trump. dodgers take game one of the world series. >> high fly ball into left. off the bat is turner. at the wall, it's gone. jillian: the dodgers beating the astros 3 to 1. proving they can handle the
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heat in more ways than one. how about it? last night's game goes down as the hottest world series game ever. game time temperature 103 degrees. the previous record a balmy 94 degrees during game six of the 2001 world series between the diamondbacks and yankees. brian: a series the yankees lost. brian: they have short sleeves. steve: that's why they sell beer during the game. ainsley: how many more games do we have. steve: best of civilian. brian: first one to four. i want to see both teams play well. ainsley: both of our players are in texas. brian: until we can get ainsley unstuck i will take it from here. warning for republicans. you screw up tax reform you will be out of a job. grover norquist with a history lesson next. steve: rumors have been swirling for months. is kid rock going to run for the senate? this morning he sets the record straight. ainsley: i love him.
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3:17 am he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he can see his bottom line. ahhh...that's a profit. know where you stand instantly. visit quickbooks-dot-com. brian: president trump meeting with senate republicans tuesday focusing on passing tax reform at lunch. our next guest warns the g.o.p. congress must act on tax reform soon or they will suffer the same fate as the republicans back in the
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1980s when they had big losses in the mid terms following the delayed reagan tax cuts. grover norquist joins us now. grover, what could president trump learn from president reagan's mistake in his first term? >> right. president reagan had a 25% cut in marginal tax rates. but, the democratic house of representatives insisted that it come in three years. 5% in '81, 10% in '82 and third 10% in '83. the recovery did not start until january first, 1983. and it was a great recovery. 4 million jobs created in 1983. one million jobs alone created in one month of october. however, the election was in '82. and in 1982, the republicans lost more than 20 house seats because the economy was so weak. had we gone to a immediate 25% across the board, we
3:19 am
could have had that recovery start a year earlier. so, fast forward to today, there was some talk, foolish talk, i hope, among some of the people crafting the tax bill that maybe you could delay the reduction of the corporate income tax from 35% to 20%. that would be a disaster because it would delay the strong boost that 20% down from 35% would give the economy. brian: maybe the rereoperate its of funds see if it's rocket fueling the economy. >> now, now, now right away. brian: grover, from what you know and you are as tapped in as anybody, you approve of the framework that you have seen so far and played a role in it. >> yes. brian: do you believe they could have got something done by november knowing the tax deduction on some states and bigger states are already pushing back on this plan? >> the answer is yes. they will get -- the outline of the tax plan, taking the business tax rate from 35%
3:20 am
to 20%, getting rid of the death tax. getting rid of the alternative minimal tax, cutting marginal tax rates across the board. doubling the standard deduction, all of these things will happen. there is some back and forth there are compromises that will be made. this will pass before the year is over, partially because the freedom caucus and the house has been working with leadership to craft a bill that everybody can be happy with, those are the people who weren't happy with the first effort at healthcare reform and delayed things. and on the senate side, everybody in the senate has said they're for tax reform, including rand paul, who voted against the budget, brian: wow. is for the tax >> much more unanimity. brian: senator rand paul coming in two hours i will ask him. grover norquist all over this tax reform on the outside tells us what's happening on the inside. thank you so much and happy
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birthday. >> thank you. brian: 10 minutes now before the bottom of the hour. turns out the dirty dossier on donald trump was paid for buyer the clinton campaign and the dnc. unbelievable. we will tell you what this all means, tomi lahren, that's what she looks like. oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. look how much coffee's in here? fresh coffee. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me? do you wear this every day? everyday. i'd never take it off. are you ready to say goodbye to it? go! go! ta da! a terrarium. that's it. we brewed the love, right guys? (all) yes. does it look like i'm done? shouldn't you be at work? [ mockingly ] "shouldn't you be at work?" todd. hold on. [ engine revs ] arcade game: fist pump! your real bike's all fixed. man, you guys are good! well, we are the number-one motorcycle insurer in the country. -wait. you have a real motorcycle? and real insurance, with 24-hour customer support.
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ainsley: here's some quick headlines for you. it's official collin kaepernick lands himself a million-dollar book deal. it's with random house books. the san francisco 49ers quarterback is responsible for launching the movement. michaeway play proves to be a major flop. liberal filmmaker's one man show the terms of my surrender ended its run over the weekend. and round up only bringing
3:25 am
in $4 million. that's less than half of what the play was expected to make. steve: meanwhile, fox news alert. fox news confirming the dnc and hillary clinton's presidential campaign paid for that dossier filled with is he legs allegations about donald trump's ties to russia. brian: so will the media talk about the russia scandal now? here to weigh in fox news contributor tomi lahren. does this situation die? i think it won't because "the washington post" is the one that broke the story and it's the "new york times" that evidently is ticked off that they were lied to. what do you think? >> oh, isn't it funny how they get upset when they're lied to? personally i'm a little upset it took this long to find all this out. thank goodness for the hill for breaking a lot of this information. the question is they are talking about it for a couple of days. will they talk about it for almost a year the way they did about this supposed donald trump-russia collusion? that's my question, brian. steve: it's interesting, if you remember, if you have
3:26 am
been watching her book tour, tony, you know, tommy, you know that she has been playing the victim card where, you know, she blames james comey and, of course, she blames russia. now we know that this russian dossier she actually financed along with the dnc. that is delicious irony, isn't it? >> oh, it's amazing. well, she knew this all along. she just thought that she could get away with it because hillary thinks she can get away with everything. i can't wait for more information to surface. i'm glad we do have some outlets throughout that are trying to seek the truth and report it it's refreshing. i think we will find out more and more and more. boy, she is going to have a lot to talk bon that book tour. steve: we wouldn't have found out any of this if she had been elected president. do you think there would have been an investigation? i don't think so. ainsley: if she had become president, all of this would have been swept under the rug. this never would have been brought to light. brian: what about the tweets then? ainsley: the guy who worked for her his name is brian
3:27 am
fallon. this was his tweet. he says i regret i didn't know about christopher steele's hiring preelections. christopher steele is that british intelligence officer that fusion gps hired to dig up dirt on the president. i don't know about his hiring preelection. if i had, i would have volunteered to go to europe and try to help him. what's your response? >> my goodness. isn't it amazing how unapologetic they are. and i just, for me personally, i want to know more. the american people want to know more. this makes me more excited to see what her 33,000 deleted emails. i want the clinton campaign, hillary clinton, the dnc to finally be held accountable. i'm looking to the journalists in the mainstream media to do it. because we know that those that exist in the democratic party on the left, they're not going to do it. i look to these journalists and i say, listen, you claim to be such truth-seeking warriors. let's see it then. let's have you prove to us that you are indeed interested in the truth and not just about destroying donald trump. brian: exactly. senator jeff flake thinks he
3:28 am
was telling the truth yesterday when he went to the senate floor and says i will not run for another six years and donald trump essentially is not worthy to be president is dividing the country. that on the heels of senator corker saying something very similar. how much damage, if any, is done to the president with this? >> none. i say don't let the door hit you on the way out. that's the same for all of this g.o.p. establishment types that have been anti-trump that have been never trump from the get-go. i have said it before. they rode into office many of them on the coat tails of donald trump. they rode into office and many of them are in office and have been supported by their constituents because of an american first agenda that they were supposed to uphold. and now, of course, they continue their anti-trump narrative. their destroy trump narrative. you think they would be democrat. i would say don't let the door hit you on the way out. if you want to be a democrat, be a democrat. don't sit there and tell me you are republican. that's not what many. we will see a resurgence of america first. donald trump is going to lead the charge.
3:29 am
i can't wait to he see what's next, guys. steve: even though he unloaded at the president on the floor of the senate of the united states would you say this was a win for potus? >> absolutely. i think you're are going to see that first of all, this senator was already unpopular. let's be very clear about that. but those that stand there and he wanted to give some kind of a speech, they always use this excuse oh, i have to stick to my morals. no, that's ridiculous. you are not sticking to your morals. i'm so tired of hearing this narrative come out of these rino types. it's not about your morals. the fact is you are not successful. your agenda has failed. you are not doing anything to help president trump. and you need to go because you are not helping the american people. brian: yeah. both men though did vote with the president 90% of the time. they just don't seem to like his tonal. tomi lahren thank you so much. ainsley: president didn't endorse them now they are leaving. is that what draining the swamp is. brian: i'm not sure. steve: i think draining the watch getting people on your team to be people 100 chairs in the senate, as many as
3:30 am
possible for him. ainsley: steve targeting college republicans plastering their pictures all over fliers like that. that's a college republican. they put that up all over campus. they are encouraging folks to come out and harass him, hear from the student in that picture next. steve: two of the most iconic names in automobiles joining forces, chevy camaro and hot wheels. we have the exclusive reveal on our plaza. what's in there? we'll find out next. ♪ ♪ want in on the secret to ageless skin. take the olay 28 day challenge. millions of real women see results starting day 1. "there is not a friend i have, that will not own this product"" visible results or your money back olay. ageless.
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...has grown into an enterprise. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase i make. everything. what's in your wallet? sitting right here is columbia university and the college republicans at columbia over the last number of months last number of years have invited a variety of speakers, all sorts of political points of view to their college
3:34 am
campus, some of them have been well received. others not so much. brian: the ones who are doing it are the college republicans. they are trying to grow their organization, bring some speakers that they want to hear from and it's not going well. and the fact there is some backlash to these republicans, the republican club at columbia. and it's against the people that head it up. ainsley: the president of the club aristotle boosalis had this to say about it. they put up fliers, head of the republican, what is it called. steve: college republicans. ainsley: the board members of the college republicans. there is s. a picture of him. you need target him and harass him because is he inviting fascists to come and speak at the school. here is what he had to say. >> antifa has placed fliers all around our campus indicating who we are and our board members. the disgusting thing is that the university hasn't put out a statement condemning these actions. we are living targets right now on this campus. the fliers indicate for these people to come up and say something to us.
3:35 am
the scary thing is we don't know what these people will do to us. if i walk outside on campus, i could get attacked by any person. the university needs to stop these pir people from doing these actions because any student that are is just in general questioning ideas is a target on campus. steve: one of the things that apparently according to college, one of the things that the flier said regarding the college republicans, these students appear to be entitled rich kids padding their resumes at future jobs at hedge funds. let them know what you think about them. brian: every college republican ends one a hedge fund and they are horrible. ainsley: one member of antifa said they didn't want to give their name it's our duty to defend ourselves against their aggression. brian: i wonder if they put that on their resume? and do they show up to the first interview with a stalking mask? steve: we're going to go outside and go out to hot wheels hand she has the
3:36 am
headlines. jillian: bi, guys. i will get you caught up on what you need to know beginning with this fox news alert. a manhunt underway at this hour after two men are shot dead overnight on the campus of rambling state university in louisiana. police say a fight broke out in dorm room before the courtyard shooting. one of the men killed was a student. the other was not. the school on high alert as police shoot for the shooter. police do not believe the suspect is a student. chilling new details coming to light during the kate steinle murder trial. one witness testifying she saw illegal immigrant yuan san african sews sanchez laughing moments before he shot and killed stein. other witnesses say they heard screams like something out of a horror move. sanchez calls the whole thing an accident. he had been deported five times and jailed just before the shooting. a major north american airline now under investigation after a pilot ignores air traffic control. >> air canada 781 go around. jillian: the pilot of six
3:37 am
warnings not to land in san francisco over fears the aircraft would collide with northbound plane fnt a pilot going i remember dark for two minutes blaming technical difficulties before landing safely. back in july another air canada jet nearly landed on a crowded taxiway. the faa now investigating both incidents. and kid rock is sticking to his day job. ♪ because i want to be a cowboy, baby. ♪ jillian: the singer squashing months of speculation that he was about to launch a senate run, telling howard stern he just has no time between his new album and his tour. so, that's a look at your headlines. go over to adam klotz right now. adam, it was a hot one in california for the dodgers-astros game last night. adam: it was. temperatures in triple digits. the southwest battling extreme heat. temperatures 9-degree today. another hot day.
3:38 am
it's really just limited to the southwest. here's your temperatures across the country. as the week marches on, we will be welcoming some of the first signs of winter. 73 degrees in billings before the day is over. but look at tomorrow. dropping down to 41 degrees. so there is a pocket of cold air that is going to be settling in to the center of the country. take a look at some of these numbers from thursday into friday. dropping down into the 30's and 40's. that's only going to settle farther and farther into the country. we are looking at really cold days by the end of the week now outside where some of my favorite toys are getting played with. steve: thank you very much, adam. 50 years ago the chevy camaro was the first ever hot wheels toy car produced inspiring generations of children and adults and ainsley, i remember when it came out. ainsley: today these two iconic brands are joining forces. special for hot wheel for the 50th anniversary. can you here brian refusing up the engine. to tell us about it is
3:39 am
joseph lamarala. steve: joe from chevy. >> joe from chevy makes it a lot easier. we are excited to be here to celebrate the 50th anniversary of hot wheels. like you said the chevy camaro is one of the first hot wheels out there. i remember them as well. my mom gave them to me to keep me quiet for hours on end. a lot of the people who work at chevrolet -- we are going to walk over here. a lot of people who work at chevrolet spent hours with these hot wheels as kids and now they're living the dream. steve: what do we have here? >> this is the 2018 chevrolet camaro ss hot wheels edition with a special color called crush. it imlate the color of the track. i don't know if had you hot wheels as kids. steve: should we open the doors? we have to unlock it? >> steve: just pull it down, there we go. and behind the wheel we believe he has a drivers license. brian kilmeade. >> i'm going to get out of way because brian is driving. steve, step back.
3:40 am
steve: brian, go slow. okay. that's good. that's fantastic. >> beautiful. steve: is that car available as well? >> this car will be available in the spring of 2018. that's the ss, 455-horsepower. and in your chevy dealers. you can get the toy starting in december on the shelves by mattel. and the cars are available in the spring of 2018. ainsley: how do you get the car? it's a cute little car. ainsley: not the big one. >> big one go to your chevy dealer. hot wheels go to your toy store. >> price premier for the special edition is $4,995. that car that you are looking at is a little under 55. steve: unbelievable is that a convertible? it looks like a soft top. >> this is a convertible. convertible ss really hot. steve: how much would that cost? >> 54. ainsley: what's the best one
3:41 am
have you ever made in your opinion. >> in my opinion, well, of course this one right ainsley: what other one do you love? >> i'm a car geek, i'm living the dream right now. i'm pinching myself. i was a kid playing with these as a kid. brian: check this car out it's unbelievable. >> number two is the stingray. steve: look at this. orange is my rival school color. steve: talked to the people 50 years ago. >> this comes in special color called crush. >> orange crush. steve: beautiful car. joe from cheviy, thank you very much. ainsley: brian, you used all the gas. i need some gas. steve: meanwhile. ainsley: here is your little hot wheel car. steve: let's switch gears. we showed you this yesterday. people jumping over the border wall on our southern border during a report on msnbc. >> like small group of three people just jumped over in the middle of the day. girl there with the pink backpack. can you explain to me what's going on?
3:42 am
steve: well, many say that was proof we need a bigger border wall. but that reporter says the exact opposite. who is right? a debate is coming up. brian: todd piro is having breakfast with friends in knoxville, tennessee. we will check in with him in a few minutes. you are watching "fox & friends." don't change the dial. it's illegal. >> check it out. ♪ (avo) when you have type 2 diabetes, you manage your a1c, but you also have a higher risk of heart attack or stroke. non-insulin victoza® lowers a1c, and now reduces cardiovascular risk. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill. (avo) and for people with type 2 diabetes treating cardiovascular disease, victoza® is now approved to lower the risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke, or death. and while it isn't for weight loss,
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3:46 am
backpack. can you explain to me what's going on? >> this is a relation of everyday border enforcement. the united states is still the draw. the ultimate draw for people that have dire situations where they are at. we are going to continue to witness this. steve: well, a lot of you emailed saying this is evidence you need to prove that our border is weak and we need a bigger, taller border wall. at msnbc reporter on the other hand is challenging that point of view. he says it's just the off sit. the piece was meant to show the border crossings are down big time even without trump's wall. so who is right? do we need the wall at all? we're going to have a little debate right now. former secret service agent and new york city police department officer and host of renegade republican dan bongino joins us. he is screen left. along with former consultant to the department of homeland security under the bush administration and democratic strategist joins us today from houston. good morning to both of you guys. >> good to be here. >> good morning. steve: all right.
3:47 am
mustafa, let's start with you. i think i said yesterday that video was proof that we needed a border wall. because the one we have got isn't working. what do you say? >> i think you make a good point. we need border security and we need smart border security. it's 2,000-mile long. if you try to produce a wall it would cost billions of dollars. and, you know, a lot of it goes through private land and many of those landowners don't want that wall there and so, we have got to come up with smart ideas and i feel like president trump, like all politicians has promised big and delivering less. quite bigly. we need to have border security but a wall does not work. it's unfortunate. steve: dan, what do you think? i think one of those 30-foot hunks of wall that they were prototyping right next to it would be much harder for those three people to get over. >> steve, that's absurd. i think what mustafa said with all due respect a wall wouldn't work. we just watched the wall we have, which is not a
3:48 am
deterrence by the way. it's just a suggestion. not work at all on camera with a left leaning network that's been trying to paint the picture that illegal immigration is, in fact, you know, going down. it's not a significant of a problem as it is. a wall will work. you are not able to leap over a 20-foot wall if we were to do one that's higher. can you make all the arguments you want about that. unless can you prove me through biophysics that we have super humans that can leap over a 20-foot wall, i will defer to the experts that say we need a better forced taller structure, it makes sense. >> a 20-foot wall requires a 22-foot ladder. it's somewhat impractical to that if you put up a physical structure you are not going to put a ladder that's 2 feet taller than it no matter how tall you build a wall people can climb over. what you really need is smart border security. you need men on the border you need surveillance cameras. you need to make sure that
3:49 am
people aren't coming through. a lot has been done already and we need to do a lot more. when we start with an unpractical solution erect a wall through private property, through water, you are not going tetoric and a ralr than policy. and it's too expensive and it's not going to work and we need to give up on it and move on. steve: dan, we have moved from members of the border patrol during the last administration they were essentially told to let people through. do you know what they got over in the united states, you are pick them up, you book them and then come back for your court hearing in a couple of months, they never show up. there is a new sheriff in town, so to speak. and things have changed. >> yeah. that was catch and release. and really what it was was not an immigration policy at all because people as you accurately stated would never show up for their court dates. what i find fascinating about this, ament, steve and even my atf if a's words is one now they are concerned about the cost of the mall.
3:50 am
the democrats ran up and the dent and deficit under obama. >> the republicans that rab -- it's the republicans that have been running up the debt. you know that and i know that why do you mislead the american public. >> so we can both agree, mustafa debt is a problem. that's not this segment. it was a bigger problem under obama. we can all agree on that if you know your numbers which you should have come prepared with secondly, immigration is interesting that this is the only crime in the united states where we discuss the crime in terms of feelings for the perpetrator and not the victim. there are american victims here with immigration. we need to recognize that. steve: hadn't thought about it that way. daniel and mustafa. >> and we should have better ways to secure the border. steve: yes, sir. you said that earlier. all right. let's see where it goes from here. guys, thank you for joining us. meanwhile it is 6:50 in new york city. he saved dozens of his fellow soldiers during the vietnam war. he finally received a medal from the president. todd piro having breakfast with friends in knoxville,
3:51 am
tennessee. we will check in with him and see what they are serving coming up ♪ ♪
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
♪ ♪ steve: all right. it is now time for breakfast with friends. where do we find todd piro today? ainsley: why don't we go to pete's coffee shop somewhere in the knoxville, tennessee area. good morning to you, todd. >> good morning ainsley, good morning, steve. this is a great town. if you have never been to knoxville, tennessee. you should come. obviously everybody is talking about the president. everybody is talking about senator bob corker and their relationship. so let's get right to it we are going to begin with taylor who is a first year law student. is he wearing the tennessee colors. and he says what senator bob
3:55 am
corker is doing is really just a publicity stunt. why do you say that? >> i think it's a publicity stunt because it's just kind of jumping to conclusions. and, you know, in the beginning, he was on trump's side and now he is not. you have to wonder what behind the scenes has changed. just seems like he has jumped off the train for no reason. todd: let's go to syria. sierra is a student as well. she says i think the president is doing a pretty good job. why do you say that? >> i feel like he has the right motives for like our country and he is going in the right direction. and sometimes though what he says might be a little bit too much. todd: you said you are not a fan of the tweeting. >> not too much. i think it's like okay at times. but sometimes i think he needs to quiet down in certain areas. todd: understood. we are going to go over to tim. tim is the mayor of knox county and he is a very good friend of bob corker. he says, bob, have you got
3:56 am
to stop it. >> i don't know about very good friend but i appreciate you saying that. no, i think he needs to focus on legacy items. i think he needs to focus on tax reform. people want that. that's what they elected this president for. that's what the people bought into. they need to build the wall. and they need to work on the healthcare. and fix the v.a. those are the things that we talked about. energy independence, things like that on the campaign trail. that's what elected this president, i think. didn't elect hillary clinton. and anything other than that, i think is -- it's just a big distraction. todd: thanks. that's it from knoxville we will check in with you in the next hour for now back to new york city. steve: thank you very much, todd. ainsley: we love knoxville. thank you, todd. steve: bombshell evidence shows hillary clinton's campaign and the dnc paid for that so-called dirty dossier as two new house investigations open into her email and the russian uranium deal. ainsley: congressman ron desantis is leading the charge. he is going to join us live. the newest medal of honor
3:57 am
recipient army captain gary rose will also join us live. steve: what an honor. ♪ ♪ we can be heroes ♪ for adults with advanced non-small cell lung cancer, previously treated with platinum-based chemotherapy, including those with an abnormal alk or egfr gene who've tried an fda-approved targeted therapy, here's a question: who wouldn't want a chance for another...? who'd say no to a...? who wouldn't want... a chance to live longer.
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4:00 am
>> bombshell new evidence that the clinton campaign and the democratic national committee were behind that he is legs trump dossier. >> looking to the journalists, the mainstream media, will they talk about it for almost a year the way they did about this supposed donald trump russia collusion. >> donald trump and jeff flake unleashed a war of words. >> reckless and undignified behavior. >> it's obvious his political model and governing model is to divide. >> i never heard these guys talk about barack obama like this when he was taking this country down the tubes. >> if there is anything that unifies republicans, it's tax reform. >> there are compromises that will be made. this will pass before the year is over. >> president trump's
4:01 am
critics, thousands of them have said that they were going to scream into the sky hopelessly to mark the one year anniversary of his elections win. ♪ ♪ steve: taking a look outside. brian, this is the first time we have all been together since you drove the hot wheels car. what was it like? brian: a very powerful car. i really would like it. i know every year you try to get me something expensive. i would like that. steve: really? brian: or the little hot wheel box. whatever it was. quick hot wheels note i want to share this story. we used to keep hot wheels and clean them and my dad used to inspect them. all the races i had with my
4:02 am
older brother i never won one of them. not one. steve: you never won a race? brian: never won a race. i had a corvette, i had a camaro. no matter what i had -- i think it's foul play. steve: it's collusion. kilmeade collusion. brian: he could have been messing with my axle. my axelrod. i'm not sure. i want to get to the bottom of it this christmas. steve: big story. speaking of christmas, perfect gift for christmas brian and ainsley both have books out this week. make sure you check them out. brian do you have a copy of your book? brian: do you know who took it charlie daniels? i only brought one with me. thanks to everybody that i had talked to yesterday, been writing. i will be in washington, in mcclain virginia and fred distribution berg where are you going to be? ainsley: naples on friday and lakeland on saturday. go to ainsley earhardt and you will see the schedule. brian: you won't see it on
4:03 am
mine. steve: if it's wednesday we must be talking politics. we start with a fox news alert. as it turns out over the last week or so, we have heard the president of the united states say hey, who at the fbi and the department of justice, who -- how much did we pay and who funded that so-called dirty dossier? well, yesterday, in an exclusive report in the "the washington post," we now know that that woman right there, her campaign and the dnc paid for the dossier that said donald trump did all sorts of crazy stuff. brian: $5.6 million from the clinton campaign she wrote in legal fees as well as 3.6 million for the dnc. they combined to give g.p.s. fusion g.p.s. all that money in order to hire christopher steele, who has connections with the fbi as well as the mi-5, to go into russia and find out about any type of trump ties. believe it or not though, they didn't start this investigation. some republican started it. i assume when.
4:04 am
steve: opo research. brian: republican lost and democrats picked it up in june of 2015. ainsley: hillary lost and even democrats are saying she needs to go away. here's the thing if she is so threatened by russia and trying to prove there was collusion with president trump and then it turns out she was the one colluding, that's an eye opener. that's something we need to be talking about. steve: no kidding. the other thing is there a possibility the barack obama administration knew the source of this? did they know that this particular dossier was the result of hillary clinton's campaign? i saw an item and we looked it up, this is unbelievable. three barack obama administration officials, who worked side by side with the president, lawyers, have since returned to that law firm that was responsible for hiring fusion gps.
4:05 am
and one of the guys, robert bauer, who is a partner, had worked with the president, barack obama, he is, it looks like, married to anita dunel who used to be the white house comungs director. communications director. do you think the obama white house and hillary clinton and her campaign and the dnc were funding the dirty dossier? we don't know. but it sure looks curious. the current leadership is saying we weren't in office then. that was the past leadership. this is actually the communications director's statement tom perez, he is head of the dnc. and the new leadership of the dnc were not involved in any decision-making regarding fusion gps. nor were they aware that perkins coy was working with the organization. steve: that's the law firm. brian: so, by the way, the reason why this could be coming out october 24th, perkins called a law firm fusion gps release -- get released from their dflt agreement. we have got to talk. keep in mind g.p.s. was subpoenaed to come out.
4:06 am
they took the fifth. so maybe they are speaking to robert mueller, but they are not speaking to the senate or house committees. steve: the reason we know so much about this law firm and according to the "the washington post," which broke this story it is standard practice for political campaigns to use law firms to hire outside researchers in the case of fusion g.p.s. to make sure their work is protected by attorney-client privilege. that way if, you know, there's a fire wall between the campaign and whoever does the actual dirty dossier in this particular case. brian: why the way, this guy mark allies, he flat out lied to the "new york times" and to the "the washington post" when asked directly did you pay for this? he said no. vigorously denied it. what else are they vigorously denying that is not true? steve: all right. meanwhile, so that story broke late in the day. earlier in the day, there were a couple of u.s. senators who are, let's be honest, they're never trumpers. jeff flake, the senator from arizona, and bob corker, the senator from tennessee, they
4:07 am
both took on the president. they're establishment republicans. if you missed what they said, here's a little bit, including the fact that jeff flake announced, you know what? i'm not running for re-election. listen. >> to be clear, the anger and resentment that the people feel at the royal mess that we've created are justified. but anger and resentment are not a governing philosophy. >> i think there were many people -- i was one of those -- that hoped that, you know, he would rise to the occasion as president. and aspire to lead our nation instead of dividing it and, you know, it's obvious his political model and governing model is to divide. >> politics can make us silent when we should speak and silence can equal complicity. mr. president, i will not be complicit or silent. >> do you think the president is -- the nation? >> i don't think there is any question but that's the case just in the way that he conducts himself and he goes
4:08 am
to such a low level, just -- i do. brian: senator corker is not accomplishing anything that he set out to do. he is a conservative that wants tax reform. he wants to see some type of stimulus package, whatever he wants to do he is hurting his own cause. have you got to ask yourself are you there to represent the people of tennessee and republican party or there to settle scores because you don't like the president, you don't like his tonal. and senator jeff flake, to his credit, wrote a book about it. he's not happy with the tone. but they both, for the most part, agree with the president on policy. 90 plus% of the time they vote together. they probably agree on the tax reform, too. ainsley: well, senator flake, the president didn't endorse him, so he is mad. they have been sparring because he wrote the book. and the president is endorsing kelli ward for his seat. if you look at the polls, 16% or actually his approval rating this past summer was 18% in arizona. and public policy polling
4:09 am
said 62% of arizona voters disapprove. he wasn't even going to win. now he is saying i'm stepping down and wanting to take the president down with him. steve: you look at arizona supported donald trump overwhelmingly. the people of arizona were not buying what jeff flake was selling. so he's going to step out. of course, this is delightful to steve bannon. in fact, a source close to mr. bannon, who is now trying to get as many never trumpers out of the u.s. senate said this. with the surrender one never trumper jeff flake it's clear mitch mcconnell's vision for the republican party is an abject failure. americans demand new leadership. the rest of the establishment failures need to leave. brian: last night on the 10:00 show i thought lindsey graham would be the perfect guest. he has sparred with the president. he wants to get things done anyway. he actually likes the president even though the president in the past has called him a disgrace. mr. zero percent. ainsley: gave out his phone number. brian: lindsey graham came
4:10 am
back and said i didn't vote for the president. in the end he said i like the guy his policies work for me. as much as i like those two senators i still like the president. i'm all in. listen. >> most people are working for a living. most people don't know who bob corker and jeff flake are most people want president trump to succeed. a lot of people don't like his tweeting and his punching down and kicking every bark dog, mostly republicans don't like that. but i'm going to be around him for the rest of his term, i hope. he has got a chance to do big things on immigration. i think donald trump has the best chance of fixing a broken immigration system better than obama and bush. so let's do what we got sent up here to do. i have got a job to do. i was elected to get something done. i want this president to be successful. because god knows we need change in this country, and donald trump beat us all with a simple message. let's make america great again and drain the swamp. at love us up here need to do a little soul searching as to why we are so unpopular.
4:11 am
steve: looks like if jeff flake was listening to lindsey graham, he probably pulled the plug out of the swamp a little bit for himself yesterday. brian: quick note, senator graham did say that the president singled out john mccain and said senator i agree with you 100 percent. got to rebuild the military. i appreciate everything you are doing. the tone in the room was very jovial and happy and laid back despite what senator corker said. steve: got a couple of standing ovations. ainsley: people were wondering if flake and corker were going to team up against the president in 2020. he said i won't go there. that's a long way away. we are hearing from both sides. penny said good riddance, amazing flake found his voice where was it during the obama administration? #drain the swamp. steve: meanwhile lindsey probably not lindsey graham tweeted flake's speech will go down in history as lifting bar on decency and integrity in congress today. thank you so very much. brian: he was so emotional in giving it. brian: let us know.
4:12 am
jillian: let's get to a fox news alert guys. we do have breaking news right now. third aircraft carrier deployed to the western pacific to prevent potential conflict from north korea. the u.s. neigh sending the us nimitz to join roosevelt in the region. lawmakers voting in favor of new economic sanctions designed to curtail china's support of north korea following the death of otto warmbier. he died in the u.s. after spending more than a yea in a north korea prison for stealing a political poser in hotel room. police now pleading from help from a neighborhood to help them catch a possible serial killer. tampa police still say they have no leads after three people with no apparent links to each other were murdered in the seminole heights neighborhood. police say they are questioning everyone they see with only this surveillance video to go on. offering $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. president trump's refugee ban has ended but now tougher vetting rules are coming for 11 countries. our commander-in-chief
4:13 am
issuing executive order fulfilling his campaign promise for more extreme vetting. they include capping admissions to 45,000 while enhancing vetting for all men, women, and children. and those are your headlines on this wednesday. back to you guys. steve: thank you. jillian: go get my tissues because i'm emobile. brian: sometimes. steve: coming up on this wednesday calls for special counsel to look into shady yurm deal as the house plunges two investigations into the clintons.s up next with brian. brian: dramatic takedown caught on camera. that is just a customer that didn't want to see the place rontsdz. isn't that amazing? ♪ bad to the bone ♪ bad bad bad bad ♪
4:14 am
sarah is confident. destroy. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident. fortunately, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently.
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4:17 am
senator chuck grassley is asking for that after explosive reports revealed yesterday the russian bribery before the deal was approved. now florida g.o.p. congressman ron desantis has been on this for a while and he sits on the house oversight committee and joins us now. senator, i read this in peter schweizer's book last year. what's happening now that has everybody intrigued?
4:18 am
>> you are right, brian, this was intriguing last year as well. what's happened recently was the existence or the knowledge of the existence of a confidential fbi informant who was working in this russian uranium community in washington helping them basically peddle influence. he realized this was illegal. he went to the fbi at the very beginning and they wanted him to stay in the game and be a confidential informant. so that happened in 2009. the deal that approved uranium one didn't happen late until 2010. that was a controversial deal anyways based on substance because you have russia who is a hostile country getting access to 20% of our uranium reserves. nobody seems to have known in the congress or perhaps the sippous board that approved it that this ongoing racketeering and bribery scandal was undergirding the whole uranium one thing. that just makes that much more explosive. but, of course, you still have the millions of dollars
4:19 am
that went from uranium one connected entities to the clinton foundation. the famous $500,000 payment to bill clinton in russia for 20-minute speech. so you have all those things. we think this confidential informant, who wants to testify, he needs to be released from this nondisclosure agreement, that he could help link some of this stuff, provide some meat on the bones so that we can finally get the truth for the american people. brian: you know what jeff sessions should be helping you here. he is the attorney general. he has the lock on the justice department. unlock this guy and let him come forward and tell the story. i don't understand what the problem is there was another revelation yesterday put forward by the hill and "the washington post" that this dossier that has so much controversial swirling about it was actually financed by the dnc and by the clinton campaign to the tune of over $8 million from 2015 until late 2016. what are your thoughts on this? what changes now? >> well, i will tell you, it's just bizarre. the media spent so much time
4:20 am
on trump, russia so-called collusion. still many months later, no evidence of that. but, if you look, not only with the uranium one, but then in this instance, how the democrats have really worked with russian nationals for a variety of reasons. and this is something that people affiliated with fusion gps denied repeatedly and it turns out they weren't telling the american people the truth. they were involved with this. brian: are they telling a different story to robert mueller? because they weren't -- they took the fifth with you, right? >> right. so they took the fifth before the committee. i don't know what they're telling mueller. quite frankly, i don't know what the scope of this investigation is because it wasn't really clear from the beginning when he was appointed. so he may very well be in it. i think that's been a problem with the mueller investigation. i don't think it's focused. brian: we're going to find out. sooner or later we will get to an end, a bottom i think. congressman ron desantis have you been all over. this very curious to see what's going to happen from here. thanks so much. >> thank you. brian: straight ahead
4:21 am
hillary isn't the only one with email scandal the new reveal from eric holder. this vietnam veteran ran through gunfire to save dozens of his fellow soldiers. this week he received a medal of honor from president trump. gary rose joins us, the captain. when you say you need a heart transplant... that's a whole different ballgame. i was in shock. i am very proud of the development of drugs that can prevent the rejection and prevent the recurrence of the original disease. i never felt i was going to die. we know so much about transplantation.
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and we're living longer. you cannot help but be inspired by the opportunities that a transplant would offer. my donor's mom says "you were meant to carry his story".
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or a little internet machine? it makes you wonder: shouldn't we get our phones and internet
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from the same company? that's why xfinity mobile comes with your internet. you get up to 5 lines of talk and text at no extra cost. so all you pay for is data. see how much you can save. choose by the gig or unlimited. xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to steve: time now for news by the numbers. first $36.5 billion that's how much money could go toward disaster relief if president trump signs off on the bill that just passed the u.s. senate. the money would help pay for recovery efforts following that string of hurricanes and wildfires. next 1.5 million. that's how many americans have come off of food stamps since president trump took office. data collected from the program snap shows that enrollment is consistently falling every month since the start of the trump administration.
4:25 am
and 45 years. that's how long it has been since the number of illegals crossing our southwest border has been as low as it is projected to be by the end of this year. the border patrol praising president trump for the rapid slow down. and that is some of the news. ainsley: president trump awarding the medal of honor this week to an army medic credited with saving dozens of his fellow soldiers during the vietnam war. >> every action during those four days mike valiantly fought for the life of his comrades even if it meant the end of his own life. mike, you will -- i mean, i have to say you really, your will endure, your love for your fellow soldier, your devotion to your country inspires us all. bine bine retired army captain gary michael rose ran through gunfire to treat
4:26 am
soldiers many times even after he was wounded himself. captain rose credited with saving 50 men over those course of four days. steve: captain gary michael rose joins us right now. captain, good morning to you. ainsley: good morning. >> good morning, sir, good morning, ma'am. steve: it is great to have you. take us back to september 11th, 1970. >> yes, sir. steve: tell us what happened that day. >> well, we boarded the ch-53, the marine corps helicopters that were inserting us into laos. and we crossed the border and we crossed a certain line and we started taking ground fire all the way to the landing zone. and even when we had, i believe, as i recall, three men on the ship hit. and as we were offloading, we were stepping over them to get down onto the ground. and immediately, ground
4:27 am
combat began and it was to continue for the next 96 hours, sir. brian: what did you do during that time, one of which you got shot, you got hit. but you didn't stop doing what? >> i didn't get shot, sir. i was hit with a rocket fragments. steve: um-huh. >> i didn't stop doing anything but my job. i was responsible for the health and welfare, i guess, of the 135 men that were with me. and as they went down, i went to their aid. that was what i was supposed to do. ainsley: captain, i'm reading about what you -- you were credited with tweeting 60 to 70 wounded. you saved a crewman shot in the neck. you were hit by shrapnel as mentioned by brian. you were hoisting men on your back while you were firing shots at the enemy with the other hand. steve: unbelievable. ainsley: all the americans
4:28 am
that went on that secret mission came out alive because of you. when you were there that day and you are firing at the enemy and you are saving lives, did you think this is my last day? what goes through your mind when you are in that situation? >> well, to be honest with you, ma'am, i have said this before, i don't really remember doing that. in fact, about, i would say, half of what has been eyewitness reported that i did, i honestly consciously can tell you i don't remember doing it because i was so focused to going to the wounded and rendering aid -- and you have to understand my job was being the medic. and i was not concerned about the perimeter. that's what the other guys were doing so when somebody went down, somebody got hurt, that was my responsibility to go to their aid to make sure i could render what i could to get them back. and that was important because because you had to
4:29 am
do something -- it sounds kind of funny, even though they were hurt, we needed them back on the perimeter. so, i went to them, did what i could, to ease whatever the difficulty was at the time that they had, so hopefully, they could get back on the perimeter and continue the fight. steve: right. well, certainly, captain, because of your heroism, there are a lot of americans who made it out that day. thanks to that. according to, the mission that you mentioned a moment ago was so secret for more than four decades you never spoke about it to anybody not even the people you served with i know some of those people you saved were instrumental in making sure that people understood what you did. it took 47 years for you to receive the medal of honor yesterday. what was that like when the president of the united neck? >> it was just -- it was somewhat bewildering that in the fact in my own mind,
4:30 am
sir, i think -- i think i have been overrecognized for what i did. i think there are far -- to me, the real heroes you can go to the wall and read their names. because i focused on what i was trained to do, and did i it to the best of my ability because, i honestly feel if i had not done what i did, i would have failed not only myself but my fellows in the army. and i had a personal responsibility to all three of us. brian: but the men who served wanted to make sure you had this day and they didn't give up until you had it. and president trump was there to do it. u.s. army captain gary michael rose. thanks so much. congratulations. and i appreciate you sharing your story with us. ainsley: captain rose, your humility, that's why you are a hero. we salute you. thank you for making some sacrifices for our great country. >> thank you, ma'am, i appreciate it thank you. ainsley: thank you. >> thank you very much.
4:31 am
ainsley: former obama advisor larry summers slamming president trump's tax plan as an atrocity and the economists behind it as ignorant. coming up next, one of those economists is going to join us to respond to those claims against him. steve: i can hardly wait to hear about that. think hillary clinton supporters are overlose over losing the election? think again. grab the kleenex, anniversary plans in the making. ainsley: that poor lady, we use her video all the time. we have got interview her. ♪ i was crying just to get you ♪ now i'm dying because you left you ♪
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4:35 am
put forth without precision or arithmetic. clear enough however to complain some combination of ignorant, disenginous and dishonest. joining us to respond is kevin has set. i'm not thinking mr. summers is on board. why do you think he has that point of view? he is not without credentials. >> well, you know, i think that we have all seen the coarsening of america's discourse. it's a little bit surprising, perhaps to see it in economics. i guess there is no place that's immune. the council of economic advisors was founded in the
4:36 am
1946 employment act. my job is to do what, you know, soldiers and other people that serve their country do show up every day and do my job and my job is to study the economy. figure out why the mom right now who is sending her kid to school is going to go to work and not take home much more than she got 10 years ago and help the president to think about what do do to address that. that's what i have been doing. showing up every day and doing my job. if you look at the substance of the criticism that folks have given me, i haven't seen any substance yet. it's just name calling and things like that. ainsley: i know you recently spoke to the tax policy center left group and right leaning group. i know that the tax policy center, the left group, they went through all of the numbers, and they weren't happy with it. they said the 5.1 trillion-dollar revenue loss is a big problem. what was your -- when you look at their criticisms, what's your response to it? because a lot of americans have that same -- they are wondering what we're going to do about this revenue loss. >> look, president trump knows how important it is that we get tax reform for the people that are watching
4:37 am
your show right now again because their incomes need to go up. what he did is he got together with the leaders of congress and they set up a process where they said here are our main objectives, here are our core principles. we want a tax cut on the middle class. we want lower corporate rates so that businesses stop locating their plants overseas a few of these details we will let congress work out. steve: right. >> in order to come up with a bill that they can pass through the senate. you might have noticed that's kind of hard to do this year. right? i think that the president designed, along with the members of congress a really optimal strategy to get bipartisan cooperation. so then what happened is the tax policy center swooped in and they made all sorts of assumptions about stupid things that guys would ultimately agree to, which are just fictional. and then they put out a hit piece. i just felt like their attempt to stop the tax reform process, before it even got going was wrong. i went there and i told them about it. steve: okay, kevin, in the building behind you, sits the president of the united states. and he was on his smart phone moments ago. he just tweetedst tax cut in u.s. history,
4:38 am
great support from so many sides. big winners will be the middle class and business and jobs. and that effectively you and the president are on the same page. but there are members of the republican party who are not happy because tomorrow they are going -- in the house, they are going to vote on the senate's budget blueprint, and essentially they are going to say okay, we're going to pass it. it's got a whole bunch of spending in it. freedom caucus doesn't like the extra spending. we're going to pass it though to get the ball going with tax reform. but here's the problem. they have no idea what's in tax reform right now because you guys have kept so many of the details secret. >> actually, i disagree with that respectfully. i think that they know that the president wants a top corporate rate of 20%. he knows that on the business side they want expensing. steve: right, those are the general things. >> what we don't know. excuse me. steve: so, kevin, how many tax brackets will there be. >> if you count the zero bracket there will be four. but if congress decides that they need an extra top rate,
4:39 am
no, but this is how the legislative process works. the president is not dictating to people every detail of the bill because that's not how our address demoy works. the senate is studying it to see what they can do that comes up with enough levers to get the thing through congress. that's the right process for a president to work. that's how the '86 tax act happened and that was really the great last moment in tax reform. brian: you used to get george bush and ronald reagan got democratic votes. i think they are going to want this millionaire tax bracket. how do you feel about that? those people making over a million dollars would not get the 39 to 35% break, roughly a 4% break. can you digest that? >> i think if you look at the blueprint that's been agreed to, that it agrees to a top rate of 35%. which is a big reduction 39.6 that's there. the president and the white house team said if you guys need to compromise by picking a different rate, we're open to looking at it. that's where we are right now. steve: okay. so let the negotiations
4:40 am
begin. that's why there are a lot of details. >> it's so urgent, folks. people need a pay raise out there. brian: larry summers hates it kevin hasset defends it and the beat goes on. kevin, thanks so much. ainsley: jillian has headlines for us. good morning. jillian: good morning to you at home as well. the obama justice department has long been accused of steering settlement funds away from conservatives. now congress says they can prove it. the house judiciary committee claims they have a smoking gun email showing how eric holder and the doj intentionally diverted money away from conservative causes. >> the donations provisions were structured to aid the obama administration political friends and exclude conservative groups. >> attorney general jeff sessions has since put an end to the so-called slush fund tactics. ivanka trump opening up about how she deals with all the attacks on the first family. >> i would be disingenuous
4:41 am
to say if ha that it didn't angeghts me any. i think though at the end of the day, the real people suffering in this country are not me and my family. we can take it. it's the millions of americans we saw across this country who are addicted to opioids. ainsley: the first daughter telling sean hannity if her family has to take a few blows when advocating for the people, they are honored to do it. liberals have a bold new strategy to stop president trump scream helplessly at the sky. >> donald's j. trump is now president of the united states. [boos] ainsley: this is not a joke. according to facebook invites, more than 4,000 people nationwide are planning to scream their lungs out at the sky as a protest on the anniversary of president trump's historic election win on november 8th. everybody is laughing. i can't serious.
4:42 am
people are forming watch parties for the event. surveillance video catching the moment an armed bank robber is slammed to the ground by a good samaritan nearly twice his age. the 63-year-old man from pennsylvania wrestling the money and the gun right out of the thief's hands. and then chasing him out of the bank. he was arrested later. what do you think about the screaming at the sky thing? [screams] steve: here is a question for you. will it will when he was declared president or will it be all day long? jillian: let's hope it's not all day long. brian: i think it was around 9:00. ainsley: if do you that in new york no one will pay attention. jillian: philadelphia is one of the cities. boston or chicago, maybe. brian: my feeling is on that bank robbery that guy is a wrestler. jillian: you think. so. brian: everybody is a wrestler, it's the law. i bet you he is a wrestler. jillian: i put my money on it. steve: two points. jillian: you sore confident,
4:43 am
brian. brian: thanks, jillian. senator rand paul met with president trump on tax reform. what did they talk about? we will ask senator rand paul what they talked about. ainsley: we will check back in with todd piro. he is having breakfast with friends in knoxville, tennessee. ♪ miscount all the beers you drank ♪ back where i come from ♪ back where i come from ♪ with advil, you'll ask what twisted ankle? what muscle strain? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. we're on a mission to show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me?
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steve: brian, come on over. we have been watching the satellite feed from tennessee. and we have been looking at all the beautiful breakfast foods they have got right now at pete's coffee shop in knoxville. ainsley: that's right. that's where we find todd piro. todd, we were all looking at the picture during the commercial break. wondering what you are all eating. steve: that bacon looked good. ainsley: you like the bacon. i like the gravy over the
4:47 am
business cuts. brian, what do you choose? brian: i just like the coffee. ainsley: you are healthy. todd: brian, of course the coffee is excellent. for ainsley the southern gal breakfast and gravy. steve, i get it. he lives in jersey. jersey is like bacon central. we are here focusing on the issues. this is a state president trump won big time and he won this knoxville area big time. we will ask the people what they think. people family affair mom and her two daughters we will kick it off with natalie. natalie is a college student who was not old enough to vote for president trump but would have if she was. she likes the president is doing. why? >> i think the country needed leadership. i think is he bringing that we needed something new. he is bringing something good. todd: natalie, thanks, let's go over to tori now. she is a university of tennessee you say you are not a fan of what senator bob corker is doing with
4:48 am
regard to his communications with the president. why? >> correct. i think that we live in a republican state. and he is our republican representative he should be representing our people more accurately instead of his own political views. todd: you saw the president's tweet from a few moments ago about senators corker and flake. what's your response to that. >> i have to agree with trump on this one. i think that they are going to act sorry and winded because they would not have won because we are a republican state and i don't think they would have had a chance. todd: understood. tori, thank you. now, before we go to mom, penny, tori is an an accounting major. get this, even though she is full on conservative, big trump supporter, she is not a fan of corporate tax cuts. an accountant not a fan of corporate tax cuts. so we're going to get her mom's opinion on that. penny, you say you are a trump supporter. you say my daughter is wrong. >> exactly. our family owns a small business and we need those
4:49 am
tax cuts in order to survive because we are being taxed to death. todd: talk to me about why you need these tax cuts to survive. >> the livelihood of our business. we only have 15 employees. and we pay a lot of payroll taxes. all the corporate taxes. and it is a burden to our business. todd: leslie, how do you think the president is doing? >> i think he is doing a good job. i wish he would tweet a little bit less. there is a lot of controversy in that. but, overall, he is -- his ideas are my ideas. and we support him. our family supports him. todd: last question here. this is a very, very charged question. who is more popular here in tennessee these days? senator bob corker or your ut football coach butch jones? >> oh, no. that's rough. fire butch. todd: fire butch movement is alive and well here. suspects sec, tough football. d.c., tough politics. a lot of stuff going on
4:50 am
here. toss it back to new york. steve: pig skin, politics and bacon. we have got it all right there. todd, thank you.heck in with hir and over again. 11 minutes before the top of the hour a fox news alert. the hillary clinton and dnc teaming up to pay fusion gps for fake dossier. one man here to react here live. steve: dow another record close above 23,000. a look at that but that's not all. stuart varney with some numbers you won't see anywhere else and stuart, come on over. you are our next contestant on "fox & friends" ♪ money on my mind ♪ ♪ with 33 individual vertebrae and 640 muscles in the human body no two of us are alike. life made more effortless
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steve: in about 90 minutes the stock exchange is going to open. and following yesterday's record close the dow jones above 23,000, something like 23,400 on track for biggest percentage rise in more tha mon. ainsley: steve, that's not all. here with the numbers you are not going to see anywhere else host of varney and company on the fox business network, stuart varney. stuart, good news. >> look, i'm sitting back watching the most extraordinary story develop in the world of money and very few people know about it because the media is not covering it. the short story is this: business is beginning to boom. president trump's growth agenda is working. the economy is growing. let me just run through some of the -- as you suggest, run through some of the numbers. this is the time of year in the big companies, the big e.est of the big companies are reporting their financial results across the board, a whole rath of different injuries reporting record profits and record incoming of mean, general motors, mcdonald's just to
4:55 am
name a few. second story, did you know that the number of new claims for jobless benefits, people thrown out of work they claim benefits. that's the lowest number since 1973. steve: wow. >> not reported. did you know that 1.5 million fewer people are now on food stamps compared to january the 20th when the president was inaugurated. did you though that? no that's not been reported. president trump is putting $5.3 trillion has been added to the value of american companies since the election in november last year. did you know any of this? steve: and we know why because a lot of the mainstream media doesn't want to give the president credit. but, i heard an analyst, i believe on your show yesterday, talk about how if tax reform does not go through, the market doesn't necessarily tank because it has gone up because of the cutting of the red tape and the regulations and stuff like that. if we get tax reform, that's something else. >> yes. look, we have got 3% growth in the economy right now. 3%. that's pretty good after 8 years of 2%.
4:56 am
3%. brian: probably drop a little after the hurricanes. >> the hurricane also affect it. you will see some pretty bad numbers in the immediate future. but then it recovers. you might get 4% growth next year. ainsley: and the dow? >> the bottom line is profits are very, very strong. on profits under pin the stock market. that's why you've gone up so much on the market. 23400. nobody saw this coming. brian: yet our deficit did grow, right? >> yes. brian: grow by 60 billion? >> no, in this fiscal year it will grow by $666 billion. that's all baked into the obama cake. that was inevitable. and it will probably go up some more in the next few months. it will go up. steve: takes a while to unwind. >> it takes a while to unwind. that is the downside. and you will see increased deficits. but, please, don't ignore what is becoming an almost booming economy. brian: are you going to talk about in t. in your show or mostly music? [laughter] >> well, yes, of course we
4:57 am
will talk about it. brian: varney and company 9 to noon. >> i'm speechless, brian. steve: thank you so much. >> thank you. steve: senator rand paul met with the president to talk about tax once capitol hill yesterday. what did they talk about? we will ask the senator next. think i'd give up showing these guys how it's done? please. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are changing the way they fight it... they're moving forward with cosentyx®. it's a different kind of targeted biologic. it's proven to help people find less joint pain and clearer skin. don't use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms of an infection. or if you have received a vaccine, or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen.
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duck: quack! call to request your free decision guide now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. ♪ >> we now know that woman right there, her campaign and dnc paid for the dossier that said donald trump did all sorts of crazy stuff. >> the media spent so much time on trump, russia, so-called collusion, if you look, democrats really worked with russian nationals. brian: senator jeff flake went to the senate floor said essentially donald trump is not worthy of being president. that on heels of senator corker saying something similar. >> outrageous, undignified behavior. >> miss lit call model is to divide. >> you think they would be democrats. i say don't let the door hit you on the way out. >> president trump knows how important to get tax reform for
5:01 am
people on the show because their incomes need to go up. >> president trump awarding army medic credited with saving dozens of soldiers during the vietnam war. >> i honestly if i had not done what i did i would have failed myself but my fellows in the army. army. steve: trace adkins, our pal, starting third hour of "fox & friends" for the very busy wednesday. brian: the name of the song is rough and ready. you have to be that if you're republican senator. the president can be rough and tough and a lot of people are not ready for it including jeff flake and senator corker.
5:02 am
they went after the president yesterday. in the case of senator corker president went right back. he did not touch jeff flake but, a lot of theatrics. ainsley: we want to talk to senator rand paul about that. first talk about the news that broke later in the night yesterday. good to have you with us. ar yes. morning. ainsley: wonderful. we want to get your reaction about the russian reversal. sources say that hillary clinton's campaign teamed up with the dnc to help pay for the dossier on president trump. what is your reaction? >> amazes me for a year the democrats have been wining, whining, say they lost to the russians. it is their subterfuge, their buying dossier. there are rumors the leaks went to wikileaks from all clinton emails came from the democrats as well. everything blamed on republican looks like they were the ones responsible for. steve: sure.
5:03 am
senator, remember a couple months ago revealed donald trump, jr., had a meeting with these people with, a russian connection in hopes of finding dirt on hillary clinton. ultimately doesn't sound like they got any dirt on hillary clinton but at same time she was financing the dossier about his father. brian: five million. >> campaigns do opposition research on both sides but the problem is it is distracting the whole country. we're spending millions and millions of dollars on committee investigations, special prosecutors, all because hillary clinton can't admit she lost because she was a bad candidate. brian: right. senator, lastly there was republican they say started this investigation with fusion gps. it was hillary clinton, and dnc spent money to keep it going. do you know who that republican was? >> it wasn't me. i don't know who it was. it might have been one of other primary candidates. there were 16 of them. all i can say it wasn't me.
5:04 am
brian: talk about some of drama yesterday. first reaction senator corker going at president trump before the meeting on taxes. senator jeff flake did this on senate floor after the meeting. let's listen. >> there are times when we must risk our careers in favor of our principles. is such a time. to announce there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by a president right or wrong is not only unpatriotic and servile but morally treasonable to the american public. reckless, outrageous, undignified behavior has become excused and countenanced as telling it like it is when it is actually just reckless, outrageous and undignified. when such behavior emanates from the top of our government, it is something else. it is dangerous to a democracy. brian: senator paul, who is right?
5:05 am
is he doing, is the president dangerous to democracy? >> you know i have a different take on this. you know i try to keep it more about policy. look, i've been willing to go stand toe-to-toe with the president when i disagree with him on policy but i'm willing to support the president when i agree on policy like cutting taxes. i think president is one of the boldest people we had in the white house on cutting taxes. i will support him there. that doesn't mean i will always support him. i don't make it about personality or someone has less of a perfect character than they do. that is little pot kelling kettle black. oh, somehow i'm so perfect i can criticize another person's character. one of the media missed on all this, keep saying senator so-and-so is conservative, why is there such disagreement. because we made this about personalities less about policy. i have had honest disagreements
5:06 am
with president because i'm still on very good terms with the president because i treat the person and office with respect. i'm willing to go toe to toe if there is policy disagreement. i think we need to be concentrating, not forget people elected us we were supposed repealing obamacare which didn't work out and supposedly for lower taxes. i'm all in lower. i will work with the president on it. i will try to avoid any ancillary things that are less important than the policy. ainsley: he was joined on the floor by senator john mccain and mitch mcconnell and he said this, we witness ad speech of a very fine man. what is your message to those four individuals, those four senators. >> look everybody has their own opinion what is the best decorum, how we should present ourselves and how we should get our act with the country and public at large. i'm not here to criticize any of them really for what they think is the best way but i think
5:07 am
actually it would be better if we concentrate on policy. i think people at home would like a tax cut. people at home would like to keep american jobs here and try to lower corporate taxes so the companies don't go overseas. i think to the american people, that is more important than all the personalities. this is "people" magazine saga. ought to be more about policy and what is the best way to lead the country. ainsley: frankly if you don't live in tennessee or don't live in arizona you don't know much about the senators anyway. no sure. brian: steve: 30 nine minutes ago president tweeted the reason flake and corker dropped out of the senate race is very simple. they had zero chance of being elected. so wounded. senator, you mentioned like budget blueprint is the next stop. looks like a fast track on taxes. there are a lot of details we don't know about. we know the president and y'all want to simplify the middle
5:08 am
class tax break, the rest of the details, and there will be a lot of them, we don't know. >> the details are important. that is why i've been advocating very loudly last couple weeks to the president, personally at president and personally to the budget director at large if you keep middle rate, 25% the same, get rid of big deductions you could have tax increase. president assured me won't let that happen. told his people not to let it happen. i will watch and advocate as it goes through the committee process and house and senate. if you have a big tax increase on those in the middle, tax reduction on bottom and top that is a problem. i will still continue to advocate, biggest boldest tax cut we get. return money to rightful owners, those who earned it and the economy will boom. the president believes, i agree with him on this, you could have four, 5% gdp growth. under rake began we had 7% gdp growth one time under a tax cut.
5:09 am
if you return money to those that earn it, to productive use. the government is not productive use. if you return money to the people you will get growth like we haven't seen in decade. brian: senator, give me idea, if i'm middle class, watching right now, what deductions if you think are eliminated will hurt those in the middle? >> i am open to eliminating deductions as long as you adjust the rate down. for me the number one conservative principle, just about everybody will get a reduction in their taxes. if you tell me in the middle, oh, your taxes are going up we have the great reform, i'm less inclined to believe it is a great reform if my taxes to up. first principle, make sure everybody's taxes go down of the president is with me on this. the reason you have to ride herd on people, there are some consumed it would be great policy to get rid of state income tax deduction, and i could be persuaded of that only if taxes are going down overall,
5:10 am
you tell me it's a great policy but we're raising taxes, that is a problem. i advocate with the finance committee, ways and means anybody that listens in washington, make sure number one conservative principle is across the board tax cuts. brian: can we get this by thanksgiving? >> i'm very hopeful we get it done this fall. i don't know about thanksgiving. sooner the better. you saw what happened with the obamacare, more weak got and more people forgot what meant to be republicans. forgot the promise to repeal obamacare. i'm afraid if we discuss taxes to death, some republicans may forget they're for less taxes. steve: senator paul. a lot to do. you better go work. >> thanks. ainsley: jillian has a fox news alert. jillian: begin with the fox news alert. the u.s. military believing someone may have betrayed our four u.s. soldiers killed in niger giving up their location in terrorists. they stopped for a village for
5:11 am
food and water after conducting overnight reconnaissance mission. right after they left they were ambushed. they may have been on a mission hunting a senior al qaeda member. manhunt underway as two men are shot dead overnight on campus of grammably state university in louisiana of the a fight broke out in a dorm room before the shooting. one that was killed was a student, the other one was not. they do not believe the suspect was a student. disgraced soldier bowe bergdahl faces a sentencing hearing. master sgt. mark allen was shot in the head. corporal jonathan berido hit by rpg. jimmy hatch was hit by fire after bergdahl walked away from his post. bergdahl's sentencing is held up because the lawyer wants the case tossed over recent comments by president trump. los angeles dodgers taking
5:12 am
home a win in game one of the world series. >> high flyball into left. off the bat of turner. at the wall, it's gone! jillian: donors beating astros 3-1. can handle the heat. last night's fame was hottest world series game ever. game temperature 103 degrees. the previous record was 94 degrees during game six in 2004 world series. ainsley: it is so hot, how do they do that? steve: they're in the world series. they don't feel it. jillian: fans sitting in the seats are sweating and gross. ainsley: do they serve beer? jillian: cold beer, that is what you need. steve: it is 12 buck as beer. brian: they don't like to say the whole game. 12 minutes after the hour. steve: fox news alert now.
5:13 am
hillary clinton campaign and dnc teamed up apparently to pay fusion gps for the trump dossier. one man targeted by fusion gps here to react next. brian: right. rumors have been i recall withing for months. is kid rock going to run for the senate and will he use the name kid on his poster. this morning he sets the record straight. ♪ rest 3d white comes new whitening therapy. it's our best whitening technology. plus, it has a fortifying formula to protect your enamel. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life.
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steve: we're back with a fox news alert. bombshell evidence revealing the hillary clinton campaign and the dnc itself teamed up to pay the firm, fusion gps, for that trump dossier. like our president, our next guest was also targeted by fusion gps. thor halverson is president of the human rights foundation. he join us from l.a. thor, good morning to you. >> good morning,. steve: steve are you shocked apparently it beings like the hillary clinton campaign and the dnc were the ones who were financially backing this trump dossier that many people say are the reason we, we're talking about russia collusion today?
5:18 am
they paid for it. >> well, what is interesting is the fact that they admitted to paying for it. ask yourself why it is they admitted paying for it? they admitted this because bank records of fusion gps have been subpoenaed. this would be some way of blocking the subpoena or we don't need it anymore. the fact fusion gps worked for criminal entities and paid off journalists. that is why they're trying to stop the bank records being sorts of things. er. >> artists don't have privilege. they're not lawyers yet they're trying to go down that route. i know so personally given what they did in my case. steve: okay, thor, tell us what they did to you. >> i was involved whistle blowing a corruption case in venezuela. the group of a businessmen
5:19 am
venezuelan who started a company called derwik associates. this company received $3 billion from the venezuelan government to build faulty power plants. they stole $2 billion plus from the government of venezuela. when they got caught, what do we do? let's destroy whistle-blowers, destroy the people speaking bus. they hired fusion gps created a fake dossier with false information and they shopped dossier around to attack me, similar dossiers to other people ho had done the same thing. they shopped it around. they took it to the "wall street journal" "the wall street journal" took nothing to it. they paid a out of work journalist ken silver steen in washington to public some of these allegations. steve, the allegations were so outrageous, defense is very difficult when people accuse you of being embezzler, heroin
5:20 am
addict, pedophile. they have done this sort of thing before. they get paid to destroy people and they do so on behalf of criminals. steve: does it look to you, its speculation on your part because you don't know what was happening with hillary and dnc because they created a fake dossier about you, they probably know how to do one with donald trump? >> there is a, list of people they have done this to. they have done this to bill browder, human rights campaigner in russia, about russia. steve: this is nothing new? this is how they operate? >> no. this is how they make their money. you see, you condition take a career in journalism which was abated sell it to the highest bidder for credibility. they pay off to journalists. i can't discuss exact context of the steele dossier. it is in my mind a pattern of
5:21 am
smear artists. that is what fusion gps is. my hope the committees continue to do the work subpoena bank records. steve: thor, thanks for telling us how you were targeted by fusion gps. m m tums chewy bites. bp uses flir cameras - a new thermal imagining technology - to inspect difficult-to-reach pipelines, so we can detect leaks before humans can see them. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. yeah, i got some financialbody guidance a while ago. how'd that go? he kept spelling my name with an 'i' but it's bryan with a 'y.' yeah, since birth. that drives me crazy. yes. it's on all your email. yes. they should know this? yeah. the guy was my brother-in-law. that's ridiculous. well, i happen to know some people.
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5:25 am
may have was to make. cost more than that to rent the place. thanks, ainsley. ainsley: thanks, brian. a shocking statistic, 21 million americans are addicted to drugs or alcohol. this week president trump is doing something about it. he is expected to declare the opioid epidemic a national emergency which frees up money to give money to the cause. this breaks down the science of addiction and september issue of "national geographic" will take a closer look at topic. in the article, actually the cover story, the addicted brain, our next guest went in search of why writing quote, addiction is a disease, not a moral failing. it is characterized not necessarily by physical dependence or withdrawal, but compulsive reputation of an activity despite life damaging consequences s science any closer to unlocking secrets of addiction? the writer joins us now the writer of that
5:26 am
"national geographic" article, fran smith. >> thank you. ainsley: you have done some stories of health. we wanted to have you on, our viewers are dealing with addiction or someone that is, 21 million people. why do we get addicted in your research, we fine to something we know is harmful? >> that was the question that drove me to write that story and it is, the brain responds to things in the environment and the brain responds to addictive drugs, to alcohol, to all, behaviors that we get hooked on in such fundamental ways, it really changes the structure of the brain. it affects the chemistry of the. so, people are almost programmed to get hooked to these things that are so, initially so rewarding but over time, as addiction develops, lose all pleasure an actually become a source of misery. >> say more about the repetitive
5:27 am
nature of it, we do something over and over our bodies get used to it. can you just stop? what do you do? >> our bodies get used to it and there are lots of techniques and good treatments out there. there are lot of medications that very effective for certain addictions and like opioid addiction and they are not used as much as they can be. there are behavioral techniqueses mindfulness, identify pay attention to the craving and ride out the wave of intense desire so it doesn't control them. ainsley: you talk about different experimental treatments. you talk about how it takes over our brain in the article. you talked with scientists said it's a disease. it is not a moral failing. so many of us think we're weak. if we, if we succumb to this we're weak. you say it is not that at all, it is a disease? >> it is not me, it is the medical community.
5:28 am
the medical establishment is very, very clear on this point. a chronic relapsing brain disorder. it is not about weak will. not about moral failure. it is not about laziness. something once it takes over it drives behavior. even after those substances clear the body, someone has gone through recovery, why we see so many people go through recovery and relapse, try again, try again, until they really conquer. ainsley: great the president is putting funding. they lost their children to this. their lives will never be the same. many experiences that are adults, lose their families, jobs, left on the streets. walk around new york, you will see. thanks for bringing this to light. we look forward to that on the cover of national geographic. >> thank you. ainsley: details emerge about the murder of kate steinle. what her killer was doing moments before the shooting. todd piro is in knoxville,
5:29 am
tennessee. we'll check back with him in a few minutes. ♪ write them a poem instead. and one for each of you too. thats actually yours. that one. yeah. regardless, we're stuck with the bill. to many, words are the most valuable currency. last i checked, stores don't take "words." some do. not everyone can be that poetic voice of a generation. i know right? such a burden. the bank of america mobile banking app. the fast, secure and simple way to send money.
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>> ammunition was certainly a problem. ingenuity said stuff anything down the barrel, horseshoes, candlesticks, anything metal, nails, doorknobs, anything that could form a lethal flying projectile went in. brian: everyone in new orleans was some way in the fight. those doorknobs had to come off somebody's doors. >> exactly. steve: that is really interesting, brian. i always figured they used cannonballs. you run out of cannonballs, you use whatever you have in the house. brian: american ingenuity, in
5:33 am
andrew jackson, the miracle of or liens. that is the actual spot in which the battle took place in new orleans. it was 105 degrees that day. teddy roosevelt was the one who said, let's leave this place intact. america need to know more. the book is out. thank you for everyone supporting it. if you want to see me in person, in afternoon, october 27, this friday. at heritage, between 2:00 and 4:00. saturday, maclean, virginia, one to 2:30. take my helicopter to fred distribution berg, to the birthplace of george washington. steve: you should take horse and buggy. brian: if you want to travel and see ainsley, where do we go? ainsley: this is my children's book launched last week. through your ice, my child's gift to me. i will be in florida, naples,
5:34 am
florida, barnes & noble on 7:00 p.m. if you live in naples. come by. i don't want to sit there myself. saturday in lakeland, at bam, books-a-million. not the one in the villages. i went to that one there, town center drive. 11:00 a.m. brian: did you project ainsley is sitting by herself. ainsley: i was thinking my life is so boring. talk about where you're going to be, i will be home. >> come with me. we'll get a lot of people if you come. jillian: they will all see you. ainsley: i hear all the time, get dressed, how do we work with these guys. then i always hear, wakes up with you every morning. what time do you wake up? 3:00 in the morning. thank you for supporting our military. steve: wait a minute. how do you know what time you we wake up? brian: ballpark it. jillian: i was up early at
5:35 am
1:00 a.m. chilling information during the kate steinle murder child. one witness testified she saw illegal immigrant, juan lopez laughing before he shot and killed steinle. other witnesses say they heard screams like something out after horror movie. lopez-sanchez calls the whole thing an accident. he was deported five times, jailed just before the shooting. main i don't remember north american airline under investigation after a pilot ignores air traffic control. >> 781 go round. jillian: the air canada pilot ignoring six warnings not to land in san francisco over fears the aircraft would collide with another plane. the pilot going radio silent for two minutes. blamed technical difficulties before landing safety. in july, another air canada jet nearly landed on crowded taxi way. the faa investigating both incidents. kid rock sticking to his day job.
5:36 am
♪ the singer quashing months of speculation he is about to launch a senate run in michigan. he told howard stern said he has no time between his new album an his tour. there you have it. that song is so addicting. it gets in my head. brian: i thought it was for real. did you think it was for real? steve: he never served. he would like to serve the country in some capacity. i bet -- ainsley: later on. steve: he can make a lot of money right now. why do that? brian: he would have to wear a shirt if he was senator. he does not like to wear shirts. >> a little too cold out here for that today. mild temperatures here in new york city but it's a roller coaster across the country. out in the southwest we're looking at temperatures yesterday in the triple digits. today we'll get up in that region again. l.a. getting up to 100 degrees
5:37 am
before the day is over. it is incredibly hot for the baseball games. that will continue overnight. from wednesday i take you into thursday. suddenly, if you get into the western states, temperatures falling down into the 40s. these are day time highs. cold air pushes center of the country. day time highs in 40s, some cases mid 30s, guys. winter may be around the corner or a winter feeling. steve: todd, thank you very. this season shortly behind todd, they will put up the christmas lights. you watch. ainsley: they will. brian: where is todd, ainsley? ainsley: todd is in knoxville, tennessee with a lot of our friends at peet's coffee shop. hey, todd. >> hey ainsley, good morning to you, brian and steve as well this is heavy republican country. this is heavy trump country. a lot of people discussing the battle between senator bob corker and the president. kick it off with that. we start it off with daniel, you
5:38 am
say i'm tired of this. why? >> i have unplugged from politics. i steal a line from cory who he was having breakfast with, tennessee doesn't win, america doesn't win. we're a one-liners gotcha. why should we not expect our political leaders to do the same, we should have deep, substantial conversations on policy and everything else. >> understood. thank you so much. michael is not a trump voter. not a trump supporter. but he says i like what bob corker is doing, why? >> absolutely. i think bob corker is speaking what a lot of his colleagues are thinking, as well as jeff flake from arizona. i think he is doing a great service for the country. there is a lot of concern about the way donald trump is handling international relations, the environment, many things. that are concerning. he is, head of the foreign
5:39 am
relations committee. a sitting republican member. so this is a pretty big deal. i think it should be a warning to what is happening in our country. >> interests of getting full views on this, we spoke to a number of individuals earlier that said bob corker is in the wrong, they support the president. at this table different. thank you all. let's get to the issues. begin with natalie. a ut junior, she is president is doing in the economy. and why? >> i believe the economy is going up. i believe in tax cuts. i believe you should have corporate tax cuts because if that brings in bigger businesses into america, to drive up the economy, that is something we need to do. we need to lower those taxes. >> finally thank you very much, natalie. i want to get to brian. he is in law enforcement. thank you for all you do. you are a huge trump supporter. you say you're frustrated what is going on with health care. why? >> i am. one of the things trump campaigned on across state
5:40 am
lines, opening up the health care market. he has been in office almost a year and heard almost nothing about that. >> how much of the blame false on congress with regard to that? >> a lot falls on congress. congress has failed to act. for eight years they said in office, said we would like to do something, but we don't have a president that will work with us. now we have a president saying send me something to sign. they can't put anything together. the republicans in congress share all the blame for it. >> table, thank you very much. we appreciate your insights. we had a very busy morning here, talking football, talking politics. we'll have some of that food ainsley so beautifully commented on earlier. i will go with ainsley's favorite, the business cuts and gravy. ainsley: white gravy is best. saw mill gravy. steve: todd, thank you very much. straight ahead, south carolina governor henry mcmaster, proposing a new law in his
5:41 am
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5:44 am
steve: all right, time for quick headlines. first up a wedding crasher looking awfully satisfied after being arrested for hurling a drink at a couple on the dance floor. started a fistfight with the brides maids. not a movie. real life. shelby mcdowell was invited to
5:45 am
the wedding but was spiring on a man she claims was her boyfriend. after starting a fight, the brides maids joined the melee. she has been charged with battery. the u.s. coast guard going above and beyond rescuing three people and two dogs from the choppy waters of lake michigan of the sailboat they were on couldn't handle the 30 mile-an-hour wind gusts and seven foot waves to get in the harbor. they came to help them brian. >> south carolina sending a message to cities, blatant disregard for the law will not be tolerated. doesn't sound like california. ainsley: not at all. there is law for cities to prove they are not harboring or protecting illegal immigrants or risk state funding. behind the proposal, governor henry mcmaster. good to have you here with us? >> thank you, ma'am. ainsley: why did you decide to do this? >> like the intro said, we want to send a message to cities, all
5:46 am
municipalities we can't have sank larry cities. we want the whole country, criminals to know that south carolina does to the have any sanctuary cities. the way the law is now, under state law we're supposed to check to be sure anyone who is prisoner, taken into custody is not alien, if so we're supposed to tell homeland security. we really have no mechanism to be sure that is being done. this require as form to be, an assessment made, an filled out under oath to certify all municipalities are complying with the law, but the main thing, this is a law-abiding place. we want to be sure everybody knows that we abide by all the laws. brian: you're representative from south carolina abides from the laws in our studio. ainsley: only in the studio, governor. brian: governor, how many cities do you think will be a problem on this? how many rahm emanuels do you have in south carolina? >> i don't think we'll have any
5:47 am
problem at all. i don't think we have a problem now but i know some other cities around the country, new york, philadelphia, chicago, cook county, san francisco, a lot of others as well. you can't break the law. it is a be sured for law-abiding people to sit there watch some official stand up to say they are not going to abide by the law. immigration law or any other law. that fosters more criminal activity and ends up not only illegal aliens but criminals involved in human trafficking. a lot of victims from that are illegals in the country. but not in south carolina. we want to fix leaks in the roof. we want to fix the roof before the rain starts. we don't want to wait and see where the leaks are. what we're trying to do is be sure. ainsley: you think this will make people in california don't like what is happening there move to south carolina or move to other states that are not going to put you with this? >> seems like everybody else is moving to south carolina.
5:48 am
we have people coming in from all over the place. a lot of these cities that i mentioned that are, do call themselves sanctuary cities and don't enforce the law, they're actually losing population. that could be one reason. that and high taxes. brian: governor in the big picture how close are you watching washington to see about the tax cut or tax reform that could be coming your way? how much does that matter to you and people of south carolina? >> it matters a whole lot. we're 100% behind president trump. we're for bigger paychecks and more of them. that is it what we're trying to do. we're on the the road to prospe. he is our leader. things are getting better in south carolina. we're getting stronger all across the country. ainsley: you, nikki haley, putting south carolina on the map. we appreciate you being here. thank you so much, governor. go gamecocks. brian: governor henry mcmaster. meanwhile -- ainsley: run out the door, don't have time to pack the lunch?
5:49 am
rhea drummond is here with simple and tasty rep piece for you. that is next. brian: a woman that packed a lunch for her and bill hemmer. what she is happening on her show. joining you on "outnumbered" later. >> thank goodness for that. hey, ainsley, hey brian. tables turned as democrats face fresh russia controversies themselves. trey gowdy is here on that. growing reports that u.s. soldiers were collecting intel on a isis terror leader. the house is set to vote on a budget this week. will it pass? what does it mean for tax reform? we're talking to house majority leader kevin mccarthy. "america's newsroom" at top of the hour. the hour. see you
5:50 am
t then. because you're better off healthy.
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5:53 am
♪ steve: come and get it. ainsley: running out the door. don't have time to pack a lunch. the pioneer woman has it. >> her new book called the pioneer woman, come and get it. to help you with the hectic lives. brian: the author and pioneer, rhea drummond is here. welcome back. >> thank you. brian: you must love the new kitchen setup. >> i love everything was done. i love that part. steve: pioneer woman, what are you making today? >> help me assemble pasta salad in a jar. my book is how to navigate this crazy busy life on the ranch with teenagers and ranchers and cows. steve: you do a bunch sheep cake dinners. you put it on one sheet cake. >> i have a slow cooker. throw everything on it. put it in the oven. shake up the dressing. that is the wrong lid.
5:54 am
you can use mine. here. so the dress something really simple. i sauteed garlic and olive oil, poured it into the jar, vin far and herbs. when i put salads in a jar, i like to add dressing first. i think we should have a contest to see who looks prettiest. steve: oh, fine. >> i will share. share, steve. brian: what is going on? >> i was sharing the lid. >> i think good to put ingredients first that won't get soggy in the dressing. the whole point, assemble them before the night you need them. put -- you can cut them in half. sure. steve: there is a reason brian doesn't cook at home. brian: sorry. >> brian has a difficult way now. brian: some of them are not ripe. steve: is that kale? i'm not putting that in mine. just a little.
5:55 am
>> all shredded. if you put tomatoes and in the dressing they will not be compromised if they sit in the fridge. mozzarella. steve: like that. >> that is so pretty and delicious. these are so great to assemble. brian: how do you make these? >> i don't make these. steve: she is the pioneer woman. brian: during the cooking segment, i don't make these. [laughter] give me some of that. >> i'm not afraid to tell the truth. somebody stole the kale. brian, pass the kale down. basically what you wind up with are these beautiful layers of yummy ingredients. you take it to work. brian: you have to put in kale. >> there are no rules. i forgot the pasta. this is non-pasta type salad. i didn't make the mozzarella balls. i am letting you guys down. brian: just screw on the top? shake?
5:56 am
>> screw on the top. don't shake it. it goes into the fridge, the night or day before. you did a great job you left a little space. >> if you shake it. >> exactly. steve: go like that when it is time to eat it, you need room. >> take it to work. shake it up. grab a fork, you have a beautiful salad. brian: you know what my daughter does? gets salad in a bag. eats out of a bag. sounds terrible. steve: you're daughter ties on a feedbag, what you're saying? brian: i'm realizing, where did she get the idea? >> you might want to get her a unlunch box. ainsley: or your cookbook. steve: the new cookbook, is pioneer woman. >> you did a great job. brian: i don't think you believe that. steve, but nobody else. ♪ hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer.
5:57 am
you've probably seen me running all over the country in search of our big idaho potato truck. but not any more. i am done with that. ooh, ooh hot - just gonna stay home on the farm, eat a beautiful idaho potato, and watch tv with my dog... tv anncr: the big idaho potato truck pulled into town today and it's really a sight to see. oh man...let's go.... (distant) you comin', boy? sfx: (dog) gulp! woof.
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>> pioneer woman in the after the show show. tomorrow sean hannity and tray gowdy the congressman. >> bill: are republicans turning the tables of democrats over russian collusion and multiple clinton scandals? investigations piling up this hour. lawmakers focusing on the obama administration, hillary clinton and former f.b.i. director james comey. where does this all go? a big part of our program today as we say good morning and welcome to "america's newsroom." i'm bill hemmer. >> sandra: good morning. i'm sandra smith. multiple new probes popping up in the last 24 hours. there are now five total active investigations. two house committees looking into the obama justice department's handling of the clinton email scandal. another house


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